About Stored-Product Insects and Mites

The purpose of this website is to update the following books and articles used in the ENTOM 805 Insects Stored Products course at Kansas State University:

Hagstrum, D. W., T. Z. Klejdysz, Bh. Subramanyam and J. Nawrot. 2013. Atlas of Stored-Product Insects and Mites. AACC International, St. Paul, Minnesota. http://www.aaccnet.org/publications/store/Pages/27755.aspx

Hagstrum, David W. and Thomas W. Phillips. 2017. Evolution of Stored-Product Entomology: Protecting the World Food Supply. Annual Review of Entomology 62: 379–397. (Several examples of citing this website)

Hagstrum, D. W. and Bh. Subramanyam. 2010. Immature insects: Ecological roles of mobility. American Entomologist 56(4): 230-241.

Hagstrum, D. W., and Bh. Subramanyam. 2009. Stored-Product Insect Resource. AACC International, St. Paul, Minnesota. http://www.aaccnet.org/publications/store/pages/27663.aspx

Hagstrum, D. W. and Bh. Subramanyam. 2009. A review of stored-product entomology information sources. American Entomologist 55(3): 174-183.

Hagstrum, D. W. and Bh. Subramanyam. 2006. Fundamentals of Stored Product Entomology, AACC International, St. Paul, Minnesota. http://www.aaccnet.org/publications/store/Pages/27500.aspx

Many of these updates were discovered in the process of editing and updating the Postharvest Document Service (PHDS) bibliography of stored-product protection references which now has more than 41,500 records. This updated Stored-Product Pest Management bibliography can be accessed at:


The Postharvest Document Service (PHDS) bibliography included citations to papers covering the biology and management of stored product pests from the reprint collections from the USDA Laboratory at Savannah, Georgia and Kansas State University Department of Entomology. This database has been updated to include more recent published papers on stored product protection.

An advanced search of this database can be accessed by right clicking on “SP Pest Mtg” under “Folders” on the right side of the RefWorks website computer screen and then clicking on “advance” in the drop down menu.

The advance search allows a single field such as title or author to be searched for a word or phrase. The field to be searched can be selected by clicking on the arrow on right sided of the “search field” box. Clicking on a field in the drop down menu will enter that field in the “search field” box. Clicking on the “+” allows another field and search term to be added to the search.

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