Sublethal Effects on Stored-Product Insects

Fundamentals of Stored-Product Entomology book on pages 244-245 has a table with sublethal effects of 20 pesticides on reproduction, mating, light response, development, tolerance, respiration, resistance or repellency for one or more of 11 species of stored-product insects as reported in 30 studies.

The following 177 papers examine the effects of sublethal doses of pesticides on 38 stored product insect species. Fifteen of these species were the subject of 5 or more papers, i.e., Tribolium casteneum (33), Sitophilus zeamais (22), Rhyzopertha dominica (18), Sitophilus oryzae (17), Tribolium confusum (16), Sitophilus granarius (14), Oryzaephilus surinamensis (11), Callosobruchus maculatus (9), Habrobracon hebetor (9), Plodia interpunctella (8), Tenebrio molitor (8), Trogoderma granarium (7), Corcyra cephalonica (6), Drosophila melanogaster (6) and Cadra cautella (5).

In the 177 papers cited here, insect responses to sublethal doses include 75 reproduction + 12 oviposition + 9 population increase + 6 longevity + 2 mating + 1 functional response + 1 sex pheromone = 106; 17 repellent + 15 mobility + 6 dispersion + 2 preference + 1 photic = 41; 18 development + 1 drinking + 14 feeding + 10 biochemical + 8 respiration = 51.

Sublethal effects are described in the papers cited here for phosphine (17), malathion (13), deltamethrin (13), carbon dioxide (9), pyrethrum (9), essential oils (8), DDT (7), methyl bromide (7), plant extracts (7), neem (6), permethrin (6), spinosad (6), cypermethrin (5), ethylene dibromide (5), modified atmospheres (5), pirimiphos-methyl (5) and 70 other pesticides that are each covered in fewer than 5 papers.

Guedes et al. (2011) reviewed current knowledge sublethal effects of pesticides on stored product insects and future needs. Beneficial or stimulatory effects of sublethal doses (hormesis) are discussed. Bond and Upitis (1973) and Hobbs and Bond (1989) looked at effect of repeated sublethal doses of phosphine on Sitophilus granarius, Tenebroides mauritanicus, Tribolium castaneum, Tribolium confusum. Khan and Selman (1988) looked at the effect sublethal exposure of Tribolium castaneum larvae on subsequent adults.

Considering the sublethal effects of pesticides may be important in doing cost-benefit analysis. There are additional benefits which are often overlooked such as delayed development, reduced reproduction and slower population growth which add no cost. Effectiveness of pesticides may be reduced by the pesticide avoidance behavior of insects and hormesis.

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