Market Surveys for Insect and Mite Infestation

Twenty commodities out of 77 were included in more than one of 66 surveys for arthropod infestation of commodities being sold in markets (maize (18), cowpea (8), rice (9), sorghum (7), bean (7), dried fish (4), millet (4), groundnut (4), pet food (3), yam flour (3), cashew (2), cassava chip (2), chillies (2), dates (3), dry dog food (2), figs (2), ginger (2), turmeric (2), wheat (2), yams (1), almond, apricots dried, Asafoetida, baby food, bambara nut, biscuit, black pepper, bread, cake, canary seed, cardemon, cassava, cassava flour, cereal, cheese, coriander, cottonseed, crude drug, dog food, dried binito flakes, dried cocoyam chip, dried mushroom, dried tomato, flax seed, green gram, Indian savory preparations, kola nut, lentil, melon, mixes, myrobalan, nutmeg, oat, peanut and milk confectionery, pea, pigeon pea, plums, raisin, ration for hog and birds, rice flour, safflower, sarson cake, sea tangle, sesame seed, sorghum drummondii seed, soybean meal, soybean paste, sugar, sunflower seed, tamarind, tobacco, Turkish dairy products (surk), walnut, wheat flour, wheat powder (suji), yam chips). Six were cereal grains (maize, millet, oat, rice, sorghum and wheat), 11 were grain products (baby food, biscuit, bread, cake, cereal, mixes, rice flour, soybean meal, soybean paste, wheat flour and wheat powder (suji)), 5 were dried fruits (apricot, dates, fig, plum and raisins), 9 were legumes (bambara nut, bean, cowpea, green gram, groundnut, lentil, pea, pigeon pea and soybean), 3 were nuts (almond, cashew and walnut), 7 were oil seeds (flax seed, groundnut, safflower, sarson cake, sesame seed, cottonseed and sunflower seed), 10 were seasonings (Asafoetida, black pepper, cardamon, chillies, coriander, dried tomato, ginger, Indian savory preparations, nutmeg and turmeric) and 27 were other commodities. More than one survey was done in six out of 20 countries (Nigeria (19), Brazil (12), India (7), Ghana (6), Benin (2), Malaysia (2), Australia, Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Czech Republic, Egyptian, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Togo, Turkey, United Kingdom, United State of America). The number of market surveys per decade increased from 2 to 6 to 10 to 10 to 12 to 20 between 1961-1970 and 2011-2020. The number of countries per decade increased from 2 to 11 over this period. Ten of these market surveys were cited on page 2 of Stored-Product Insect Resource book. Commodities (in bold) and insect or mite species are given in parenthenses after the reference for each market survey.

Only insects were reported in 47 of 59 surveys and 18 of the 57 insect species were reported in more than one survey (Tribolium castaneum (20), Rhyzopertha dominica (16), Sitophilus zeamais (14), Sitophilus oryzae (12), Lasioderma serricorne (10), Callosobruchus maculatus (9), Oryzaephilus surinanmensis (8), Araecerus fasciculatus (7), Trogoderma granarium (7), Dermestes maculatus (6), Necrobia rufipes (5), Corcyra cephalonica (4), Cryptolestes ferrugineus (6), Protesphanus truncatus (5), Dinoderus procellus (4), Sitophilus granarius (4), Sitotroga cerealella (4), Stegoblum paniceum (4), Tenebroides mauritanicus (4), Tribolium confusum (4), Cadra cautella (3), Anisopteromalus calandrae (2), Callosobruchus subinnotatus (2), Cryptolestes pusillus (2), Oryzaephilus mercator (2), Plodia interpunctella (2), Acanthoscelides obtectus, Ahasverus advena, Alphitobius laevigatus, Anthrenus verbasci, Balanogastris kolae, Brachypelus pilosellus, Bruchidius altrolineatus, Callosobruchus analis, Callosobruchus chinensis, Callosobruchus rhodesianus, Carpophilus dimidiatus, Carpophilus hemipterus, Caryedon serratus, Cathartus quadricollis, Cis asiaticus, Cis chinensis, Coccotrypes dactyliperda, Dinarmus basalis, Eupelmus vuilleti, Holepyris sylvanidis, Horismenus depressus, Horismenus missouriensis, Horismenus productus, Latheticus oryzae, Lophocateres pusillus, Necrobia ruficollis, Orthocis auriculariae, Sitophilus linearis, Sophrorhinus ghanjaensis, Sophrorhinus quadricristatus, Zabrotes subfasciatus). Six parasite species are in bold.

Only mite or spider species were reported in 8 of 59 surveys and 13 of the 32 mite or spider species were reported in more than one survey (Tyrophagus putrescentiae (8), Suidasia pontifica (7), Cheyletus malaccensis (5), Blattisocius tarsalis (4), Blattisocius keegani (3), Blomia tropicalis (3), Acarophenax tribolii (2), Acarus siro (2), Carpoglyphus lactis (2), Cheyletus fortis (2), Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus (2), Glycyphagus domesticus (2), Tarsonemus granarius (2), Aleuroglyphus ovatus, Austroglycyphagus geniculatus, Austroglycyphagus malaysiensis, Blattisocius dentriticus, Blomia freemani, Caloglyphus hughesi, Caloglyphus oudemansi, Cheyletus eruditus, Chortoglyphus arcuatus, Dermatophagoides farinae, Grammolichus malukuensis, Ker bakeri, Kleemannia plumigera, Lardoglyphus konoi, Lepidoglyphus destructor, Rhizoglyphus callae, Suidasia nesbitti, Theridion saxatile (spider), Tyrophagus dimidiatus). Eight predator species are in bold. Four of 59 surveys included both insects and mites.

Market Survey References

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Additional References not included in tabulation

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