Additional Readings

The following suggested readings add to those at the end of each chapter in the textbook, Hagstrum, D. W. and Bh. Subramanyam. 2006. Fundamentals of Stored Product Entomology, AACC International, St. Paul, Minnesota. Seventy percent of the new readings were published in 2005 or more recently.

Ch. 1 Introduction

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Ch. 2 Techniques

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Ch. 3 Mobility

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Ch. 4 Sources of insect infestation

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Ch. 5 Sampling

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Ch. 6 Life history

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Ch. 7 Population growth

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Ch. 8 Decision aids

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Ch. 9 Economics

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Ch. 10 Resistance

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Ch. 11 Biological control

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Ch. 12 Aeration

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Ch. 13 Sanitation and pest exclusion

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Ch. 14 Temperature

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Ch. 17 Residual insecticides

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Ch. 18 Fumigation and modified atmospheres

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