Additional Species

Stored-Product Insect Resource book listed 1663 species of stored-product insects (Table 1.1). There were an additional 301 species which were reported in the literature to be associated with stored products but the commodity or facility with which they were associated was not specified (Table 1.6). Atlas of Stored-Product Insects and Mites book had photographs of 230 of these stored-product insect species and 5 additional insect species, and information on 280 species of stored-product mites. Wang et al. 2008 published photographs of 172 stored product insect species associated with stored grain in China (32 of these species were not in Stored Product Insect Resource book and photographs of 85 of these species were not in Atlas of Stored-Product Insects and Mites book). Adding the following 77 species to the list of stored-product insects and mites makes a total of 2326 species. The majority were Coleoptera (59) and parasitic Hymenoptera (8) and most were additional species in genera already included in the books. Some are crop pests that go into storage with crop.

Aca., Cunaxidae Cunaxa rafiqi

Aca., Cunaxidae Cunaxa viz., leuros

Aca., Tetranychidae Bryobia praetiosa

Col., Anobiidae Ptilinus pectinicornis

Col., Anobiidae Tricorynus rudepunctatus

Col., Carabidae Harpalus calceatus

Col., Carabidae Harpalus griseus

Col., Carabidae Harpalus pallidipennis

Col., Cleridae Opetiopalpus sabulosus

Col., Cryptophagidae Cryptophagus hexagonalis

Col., Curculionidae Rhyncolus chinesis

Col., Dermestidae Anthrenus flavidus

Col.  Dermestidae Anthrenus maculifer

Col.  Dermestidae Anthrenus picturatus hintoni

Col.  Dermestidae Anthrenus sinensis

Col., Dermestidae Attagenus arrowi

Col.  Dermestidae Attagenus caracal

Col.  Dermestidae Attagenus longipennis

Col.  Dermestidae Attagenus molitor

Col.  Dermestidae Attagenus sinensis

Col., Dermestidae Attagenus vagepictus

Col.  Dermestidae Dermestes coronatus

Col., Dermestidae Dermestes freudei

Col.  Dermestidae Dermestes murinus

Col., Dermestidae Dermestes sbiricus

Col.  Dermestidae Evorinea hisamatsui

Col.  Dermestidae Megatoma conspersa

Col., Dermestidae Megatoma graeseri

Col.  Dermestidae Megatoma pubescens

Col.  Dermestidae Orphinus fasciatus

Col.  Dermestidae Orphinus japonicus

Col.  Dermestidae Thaumaglossa laeta

Col., Dermestidae Thaumaglossa ovivora

Col., Dermestidae Thorictodes brevipennis

Col., Dermestidae Trinodes niger

Col.,  Dermestidae Trinodes sinensis

Col.,  Dermestidae Trogoderma laticorne

Col., Dermestidae Trogoderma yunnaneunsis

Col., Erotylidae Dacne picta

Col., Histeridae Atholus depistor

Col., Histeridae Merohister jekeki

Col., Histeridae Saprinus planiusculus

Col., Languriidae Cryptophilus obliteratus

Col., Lathridiidae Corticaria punctulatus

Col., Lathridiidae Dienerella beloni

Col., Lyctidae Lyctoxylon japonum

Col., Mycetophagidae Typhaea pallidula

Col., Mycetophagidae Berginus pumilus

Col., Mycetophagidae Mycetophagus hillerianus

Col., Nitidulidae Nitidula rufipes

Col., Ptinidae Mezioniptus impressicollis

Col., Ptinidae Ptinus sulcithorax

Col., Scarabaeidae Cotinis mutabilis

Col., Curculionidae Sitophilus rugicollis

Col., Staphylinidae Paederus fuscipes

Col., Tenebrionidae Opatrum sabulosum

Col., Tenebrionidae Blaps rugosa

Col., Tenebrionidae Crypticus rufipes

Col., Tenebrionidae Homala polita

Col., Tenebrionidae Microcrypticus scriptum

Col., Tenebrionidae Platydema americanum

Col., Tenebrionidae Platydema micans

Col., Tenebrionidae Thalpophila abbreviata

Dip. Phoridae Megaselia scalaris

Dip., Syrphidae Eumerus amoenus

Hym. Braconidae Apanteles ruficrus

Hym. Braconidae Apanteles taragamae

Hym., Chalcididae Dirhinus giffardii

Hym. Ichneumonidae Campoplex tumidulus

Hym. Ichneumonidae Lathroplex anthreni

Hym. Ichneumonidae Liotryphon punctulatus

Hym. Ichneumonidae Temelucha decorata

Hym. Pteromalidae Lariophagus obtusus

Lep. Cossidae Dyspessa ulula

Lep. Cossidae Dyspessa ulula pallidata

Lep. Pyralidae Cadra dowsoniella

Lep. Tortricidae Epinotia kasioana

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