U. S. Federal Stored-Product Entomology

The stored-product entomology programs of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) are discussed in the following publications. An early publication on stored-products insects in the United States was written by Chittenden of the Bureau of Entomology in 1894 (Simmons 1964). He was in charge of work on truck crop and stored-product insects. In 1917, Ernest A. Back became the first leader of the Division of Stored-Product Insects Investigations in the Bureau of Entomology. January 1, 1934 stored-product entomology was dispersed among other divisions and 18 years later, in September 1951, the division was reassembled under Randall Latta. Stored-product insect research was transferred to Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) in 1954. In the summer of 1958, Lyman Henderson replaced Randall Latta. A handout given to visitors at Savannah, Georgia Laboratory lists AMS field stations and gives a Brief history of the Savannah Laboratory.

Animal and Plant Health Service (APHS) was created in 1971, separating the regulatory from research activities of the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) (Henneberry 2008). In 1972, Agricultural Research Service decentralized joining research and extension under Science and Education Administration and Milton Ouye became national program staff responsible for stored-product entomology. Ken Vick replaced Milton Ouye and Dan Strickman replaced Ken Vick. With the enactment of the federal Food and Drug Act of 1906, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) research on microanalytical entomology began to identify insect fragments that adulterate food (Olsen et al. 1996).

Robert Davis organized the International Working Conference of on Stored-Product Entomology in 1974 and the first meeting was at the Stored-Product Insects Research and Development Laboratory, Agricultural Research Service, USDA, Savannah, Geogia. In 1986, the name was changed to International Working Conference on Stored-Product Protection (IWCSPP) to include non-entomological research. James Throne (2014) wrote a history of IWCSPP and developed a website (http://spiru.cgahr.ksu.edu/proj/iwcspp/) at which all of the proceeding could be searched by author and title, and pdf files of papers from all but one proceeding could be downloaded.

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