Train Trainer Conferences

Only information on conferences I and II may be that in Harein and Clarke (1995). Proceedings were published for conferences III and IV. Except for I and II, conferences were a cooperative effort by USDA, industry and universities. During the conferences extensive hands-on training, in-depth lecture session with question and answer delivered state of art technology. The target audience was extension, regulatory and industry safety directors who train workers in food safety and integrated pest management (IPM).

Harein, P. K., and S. A. Clarke. 1995. Technology transfer in management of stored-grain pests, pp. 661-675. In D. Jayas, N. D. G. White and W. E. Muir (eds.), Stored-Grain Ecosystems. Marcel Dekker, Inc., New York.

III National Stored Grain Pest Management Training Conference, Kansas City, Missouri, Oct 20-21, 1990, Minnesota Extension Service, University of Minnesota.

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V National Stored Grain Pest Management Training Conference, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, Aug 18-20, 1997.


Title:                        Insecticidal Products

Coordinator:           Frank Arthur, USDA-ARS-GMPRC

Trainers:                Jerry Berg, Hedley Technologies; Craig Jakob, Gustafson; John Sedlacek, Kentucky State Univeristy; Fred Whitford, Purdue University



Title:                       Grain Cleaning Practices

Coordinator:          Ron Noyes, Oklahoma State University

Trainers:                Chris Butts, National Peanut Research Lab, USDA-ARS; Ken Hellevang, North Dakota State University



Title:                         Vertebrate Management

Coordinator:            Stephen Kells, Purdue University

Trainers:                  Stephen Kells, Purdue University



Title:                          Cost and Benefit Analysis of an IPM Facility

Coordinator:             Phil Kenkel, Oklahoma State University

Trainers:                   Phil Kenkel, Oklahoma State University



Title:                        Permanent Pest Exclusion (Dual Track)

Coordinator:           Ken Hunter, Riceland Foods (Processing Track), Harmon Towne, CTB Brock (Grain Track)


Processing Track

Trainers:                 Michael L. Smith, Riceland Foods; Ron Wignall, Con Agra Flour Milling Co.

Grain Track:

Trainers:                  Nelson Wagner, CTB Brock



Title: Moisture Management

Coordinator: Joe Harner, Kansas State University

Trainers: Dave Burton, Hunt-Wesson; Sam McNeill, Univ. Kentucky; Mike Myrick, The Andersons



Title: Temperature Management

Coordinator: Bill Wilcke, University of Minnesota

Trainers:                 Dave Crompton, OPI Systems; Steven Curtis, Farm Fans; Praveen Gupta, University of Minnesota; Warren Odekirk, Growmark



Title: Insect Monitoring (Dual Track)

Coordinator:           Tom Philips, Oklahoma State University (Processing Track); Dave Hagstrum, USDA-ARS-GMPRC (Grain Track)

Processing Track:

Trainers:                 Alan Dowdy, USDA-ARS-GMPRC; Mike Mullen, USDA-ARS-GMPRC; Donna Peterson, Trece Inc.

Grain Track:

Trainers:                 Terry Arbogast, USDA-ARS; Subramanyam Bhadriraju, University of Minnesota; Florence Dunkel, Montana State University; Paul Flinn, USDA-ARS-GMPRC



Title: Mycotoxin Sampling and Analysis

Coordinator: Charles Woloshuk, Purdue University

Trainers:                 Dick Meronuck, University of Minnesota; Bob Newton, VICAM; Michael Thelen, Neogen



Title:                          Applicator and Application Safety

Coordinator:              Larry Lucas, The Andersons

Trainers:                    Mark McQuillan, Midland Fumigant Co.



Title: Sanitation and Inspection

Coordinator: Bob Richardson, General Mills

Trainers: Wendell Harvey, General Mills; Jim Rutledge, Lauhoff Grain



Title:                           Fumigation Preparation

Coordinator:              Steven K. Lange, The Industrial Fumigant Co.

Trainers:                    Steven K. Lange, The Industrial Fumigant Co.



Title:                          Fumigation Preparation

Coordinator:             Thadd Bigler, United Phosphorus Inc.

Trainers:                   Dick Bigler, United Phosphorus Inc.



Title:                        Fumigation Air Monitoring

Coordinator:           Jim Criswell, Oklahoma State University

Trainers:                 Pamela S. Peckman, The Industrial Fumigant Co.; Dave Cooper, The Industrial Fumigant Co.



Title:                         Alternative Pest Management Technologies

Coordinator:            Gerrit Cuperus, Oklahoma State University

Trainers:                 Jim Sargent, Copesan Services; Carl Schmidt, BOC Gases; Darren Zink, Purdue University

Monday,August 18, 1997

9:00 a.m. Tour of Frito-Lay, Frankfort, Indiana (planned) – The world’s largest snack food plant

2:00 p.m. Plant Tour of a stored food corn / popcorn / specialty grain facility (TBA)

4:00 Registration and Exhibits Open

5:00 Industry-Sponsored Mixer and Exhibits Open

6:00 Welcome to Prudue University
Vic Lechtenberg, Dean, Scholl of Agraiculture, Purdue University
Vince Bralts, Head, Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Bill McFee, Head, Department of Agronomy

6:10 Conference Program Objectives
Mike Fitzner, National Program Leader – IPM, USDA-ES, Washington, DC (invited)
EPA Representative (TBA)

6:30 Banquet Dinner

8:00 Keynote Address: Impact of the Food Quality Protection Act of 1996 on the U.S. grain storage and food processing systems” (Speaker – TBA)

Tuesday, August 19, 1997

Pesticide residues in foods and feeds
Proper sampling and analysis of residues
Mycotoxin analysis with test kits
Insect fragments analysis with test kits


Noon Lunch


4:30 Dinner Break and Exhibits Open


Overseas customer’s perspectives of U.S. grain quality and safety

Are mites in processed foods the next epidemic?

Methyl Bromide update and alternatives

Ethics and pesticide use

Wednesday, August 20, 1997

Topics: State-of-the-art reviews of:
IPM practices in stored grain facilities
IPM practices in food processing facilities
IPM practices in warehouses and grocery stores


4:30 Dinner Break and Exhibits Open

Topics: Stored Product IPM Software – Meet on campus in computer lab for software demonstration / training (Stored Grain Advisor, Post-Harvest IPM Educator, PHAST, FANS, Program To Kill, Trap Catch Mapping, etc.)

Thursday, August 21, 1997

Topics: Design and construction trends for:
New storage and processing facilities
Existing storage and processing facilities
Sanitation by design


Noon Lunch


4:30 Adjourn

VI National Stored Grain IPM Training Conference, USDA, Manhattan, Kansas, Sep 19-21, 2002.

Processing track – Bh. Subramanyam, Chair

Inspection/Audits – Kim Kemp (Nestle Purina Pet Care), Al St. Cyr (AIB International)

Environmental Manipulation – Jerry Heaps (General Mills), Ole Dosland (Copesan Services)

Residual products and Fumigants for Use Food Plants – Larry Zettler and Frank Arthur (USDA), Anil Menon (Wil-kill Pest Control)

Fumigation Preparation – Pamela Peckman and Robert Blachly (Industrial Fumigation)

Fumigation Application – Frank Healy, Steven Lange and Jerry Heath (Industrial Fumigation)

Fumigation Monitoring Plan – Jim Smiley (Degesch America), Jim Criswell (Oklahoma State University)

Applicator Safety – Jim Sargent (Copesan Services), Stan Miller (Miller Consulting), Donnie Wood (Triangle Cooperative Service Company), Jeff Lavery (KC Supply Co.)

Devices for Sampling Insects – Thomas Phillips (Oklahoma State University), Terry Arbogast, Jim Campbell and Paul Flinn (USDA), Mike Toews (Kansas State University)

Vertebrate Pest Management – Jay Bruesch (Plunkett’s Pest Control), Ted Bruesch (Liphatech)

Grain track – Dirk Maier, Chair

Prevention through Sanitation – Michael Toews (USDA), Phil Sloderbeck (Kansas State University)

Grain Moisture Management – Mark Casida (USDA), Charles Woloshuk (Purdue University)

Grain Temperature Management – Sam McNeill (University of Kentucky), Kenneth Hellevang (North Dakota State University)

Fumigation Preparation – Thad Bigler and Allen Williams (Professional IPM Services)

Fumigation Application – Ron Noyes (Oklahoma State University), Mark Williams (Degesch America)

Fumigation Air Monitoring – Mike Depalo (Cytec), Mark McQuillan and Chuck Estes (Midland Fumigation)

Fumigation Management Plan – Jim Criswell (Oklahoma State University), Jim Smiley (Degesch America), Terry Clarkson

Applicator Safety – Mitch Ricketts (DOA Safety, Kansas State University), Sharon Dobesh (Kansas State University)

VII National Stored Grain Integrated Pest Management Training Conference, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma, Apr 18-20, 2007.

Wednesday April 18, 2007

Pursley, William E. (AIB International) Food safety and security in the food industry: Regulations, realities and current issues

Weier, Jeff (Sprague Pest Solutions) IPM for organic food and grains

Woloshuk, Charles (Purdue University) Understanding and managing molds, mycotoxins and allergens in grain and food

Afternoon classroom sessions – rotate through

Fumigation of commodities and structures – Suresh Prabhakaran and Joy Rogers Phillips (Dow AgroSciences), Brian Bartlett and Thomas Meave (Degesch America), Nathan Stocker and Craig Jakob (Great Plains Chemicals)

Grain protectants, aerosols and residual insecticides – Frank Arthur (USDA), James Sergeant (Copesan), Jeff Weier (Sprague Pest Solutions), Patricia Hottel (McCloud Services)

Physical control of insects – Bhadriraju Subramanyam and Xingwei Hou (Kansas State), Raj Hulasare (Temp-Air), Dean Stanbridge (The Steritech Corporation), Ole Dosland (DOZ Enterprises)

Sampling and trapping insect pests – Paul Flinn and James Campbell (USDA), Rizana Mahroof (Oklahoma State University)

Vertebrate pest management – Stephen Kells (University of Minnesota), Ted Bruesch (Liphatech)

Inspection, sanitation and exclusion – Jerry Heaps (General Mills), Al St. Cyr (American Institute of Baking)

Aeration and temperature management – Dirk Maier (Purdue University), Carol Jones (Oklahoma State University

Personal protective equipment – Pamela Peckman and Jerry Heath (IFC)

Thursday April 19, 2007

Hands-on session topics same as April 18

Optional concurrent special sessions

Insect identification – Linda Mason (Purdue University)

Bio-security in grain and animal feeds – Leland McKinney (Kansas State University)

Friday April 20, 2007 – Hands-on sessions


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