Biology and Control

Life Histories of Stored-Product Insects and Mites

Variable Number of Instars

Degree-day for Stored-Product Insects

Biological Control

Regulatory Control of Sweetpotato weevil

Regulatory Control of Khapra beetle

Regulatory Control of Potato Tuber Worm

Sublethal Effects on Stored-Product Insects

Incomplete Insecticide Coverage

Water on Stored-Product Insects

Food on Susceptibility of Stored-Product Insects

Mating Disruption and Mass Trapping

Larval Mobility

Rearing Stored-Product Insects

Pre-harvest Infestation

Fumigant Distribution

Effects of Botanicals on Stored-Products Insects

Botanical: Additional Species

Solar Disinfestation

Containerized Shipping and Pest Control

Insect Pest Management for Bag Storage

Insecticide Resistant Natural Enemies

Monitoring and Economic Thresholds

Fitness Costs of Resistance

Resource-locating behavior

Regulatory Control of Larger Grain Borer


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