More Stored-Product Entomology Books

The following list adds 70 stored-product entomology books, many not in English, to those listed in Stored-Product Insect Resource, Atlas of Stored-Product Insects and Mites, and Chapter 1 of Stored Product Protection S156 (

Al-Iraqi, R.A. 2010. Grains and Stored Product Pests and Methods of Their Control. Mosul Univ. Press, pp. 616. (In Arabic)

Athié, Ivânia, and Dalmo Cesar de Paulo 2002. Insetos de grãos armazenados: aspectos biológicos e identificação. Varela editora e livraria Ltda, São Paulo, Brazil

Athanassiou, C. G. and F. Arthur (eds.) 2018. Recent Advances in Stored Product Protection. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg

Athanassiou, Christos G., and Manoj K. Nayak, eds. 2023. Psocids as Global Pests of Stored Products. CABI, Great Britain

Bagheri-Zenouz, E. 1984. Methods of Control of the Pests of Stored Products and Quarantine. Adib Publishing Co., Tehran. 252 p. (Persian)

Bagheri-Zenouz, E. 1996. Les Animaux Nuisibles aux Produits Enterposes. Volume 1: Les Coleopteres Depredaterures des Produits Alimentaires et Industriels. (Pests of Stored Products. Volume 1: Injurious Coleoptera of Food and Industrial Products) Sepehr Publishing Center, Tehran. 309 p.

Berger, H. K., and P. P. Kohlhaas. 1988. Vorrats- und Materialschädlinge (Storage and material pests). Bundesministerium für Land- und Forstwirtschaf, Wien.

Bhargava, M. C., & Kumawat, K. C. 2010. Pests of Stored Grains and Their Management. New India Publishing, New Delhi.

Brandt, H., and M. Laubmann. 1955. Vorrats-und Materialschädlinge (Storage and material pests). Obst-u. Gartenbauverlag, München.

Butler, Edward Albert 1893. Our Household Insects: An Account of the Insect-pests Found in Dwelling-houses. Longmans, Green, and Company.

Calderon, Moshe and Rivka Barkai-Golan. 1990. Food Preservation by Modified Atmospheres. CRC Press, Boca Raton, Florida

Champ, B. R. and E. Highley. 1986. Pesticides and humid tropical grain storage systems: proceedings of an international seminar, Manila, Philippines, 27-30 May 1985. AClAR Proceedings No. 14, 364 p.

Chao, Y., L. Hung-Shing, and K. Ging-Ya. 1980. Surveys of Chinese Stored Products Insect Pest Fauna. Agriculture Press, Beijing, China.

Chen, Q. Z., and J. G. Huang. 1985. Album of Warehouse Insects. Chinese Scientific Press, Beijing, China.

Chen, Yung-Chang, Lee Hung-Shung and Kao Ging-Ya 1980. Survey of Chinese Stored Product Insect Pest Fauna. Agricultural Press, Beijing, China

Chen, Y. X. 1985. Warehouse Pests (Supplement Edition). Chinese Agricultural Press, Beijing, China.

Delobel, A. and M. Tran. 1993. Les Coleopteres des denrees alimentaires entreposes dans les regions chaudes. Faune Trop. 32: 1-425. Office de la Recherche Scientifique et Technique Outre-Mer (ORSTOM), Paris. (The Coleoptera of food stuffs originating in hot areas) (in French)

Dick, K. M. 1987. Pest Management in Stored Groundnuts. Patancheru, India : ICRISAT 28 p.

Domenichini, G. 1996. Protezione degli alimenti. Contaminazione biologica e sanità ambientale nelle industrie alimentari. (Food protection. Biological contamination and environmental health in the food industry) EtasLibri, Milano, 235 p.

Fujii, K., A. M. R. Gatehouse, C. D. Johnson, R. Mitchell and T. Yoshida. 1990. Bruchids and Legumes: Economics, Ecology and Coevolution. Proceedings of 2nd International Symposium on Bruchids and Legumes, September 6-9, 1989, Okayama, Japan.

Gelosi, Attilio and Süss, Luciano 1991. Insetti e acari dei cereali in magazzino. (Insects and mites of cereals in storehouses) Edagricole, Edizioni Agricole, Bologna, Italy 120 pp.

Gelosi, Attilio and Luciano Suss. 1995. Un pastificio sano per un prodotto di qualita : manuale dei rischi, controllo e sanificazione per l’industria della pasta. (A pasta healthy for a quality product: Manual of risks, control and sanitation for the pasta industry) Bologna : Avenue Media ; Roma ; Istituto Italiano Paste Alimentari, 181 p.

Ghosh, S. K. and S. L. Durbey 2003. Integrated management of stored grain pest.
Lucknow : International Book Distributing Co.

Heinze K. 1974. Leitfaden der Schädlingsbekämpfung. Band.IV. Vorrats- und Materialschädlinge (Vorratsschutz). Guide for pest control. Band.IV. Storage and material pests (storage protection). Wissenschaftliche Verlagsgesellschaft mbH, Stuttgart., 348 pp

Herfs, Adolf and Hermann Stötter. 1951. Wollschädlinge und ihre moderne Bekämpfung (Wool pests and their modern fight against). Farbenfabrik Bayer Aktiengesellschaft, Leverkusen, Germany.

Jansson, R. K. and K. V. Raman 1991. Sweet Potato Pest Management: a global perspective. Westview Press, Boulder.

Kemper H. 1939. Die Nahrungs- und Genussmittelschädlinge und ihre Bekämpfung. The food and beverage pests and their control. Dr. Paul Schöps, Lepzig, 266 pp.

Khare, B.P. 1994. Stored grain pests and their management, 1st ed. Kalyani Publishers, New Delhi.

Khare, B. P. 2004, 2011. Stored grain pests and their management. Ludhiana, India: Kalyani Publishers. 314 p.

Kong, Y. 1986. Pests in Storage. Chinese Finance and Economics Publisher, Beijing, China

Kono, Tunemori. 1951. Theory and Practice of Storing Grain. Kawaide Syobo, Tokyo. (Cited in Kiritani, K. 1965. Biological Studies on the Sitophilus Complex (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in Japan. J. Stored Prod. Res. 1: 169-176.)

Labeyrie, V. (ed.) 1981. The ecology of Bruchids Attacking Legumes (Pulses). Proceedings of the International Symposium held at Tours (France), April 16-19, 1980. Series Entomologica 19, Junk, Hague.

Lale, N.E.S. 2002. Stored Product Entomology and Acraology in Tropical Africa. Mole Publications, Maiduguri, Nigeria 204pp.

Lepesme, P. 1944. Les Coléoptères des denrées alimentaires et des produits industriels entreposés. Paul Lechevalier, Paris.

Li, F. 2002. Zhongguo chi mu zhi (Psocoptera of China). Ke xue chu ban she/Science Press, Beijing.

Li, L. and W. Zhu. 2009. Stored Product Entomology. Chongqing Publishing House, Chongqing

Li, Long-shu, and Yun-rui Li. 1988. Acarology. Chongquing Publishing House, Chongqing, China. 520 pp.

Liu, Yongping and Zhang, Shengfang 1986. Chinese dermestid beetles associated with stored products (in Chinese, Zhongguo cang chu pin pi du hai chong). Agriculture Publishing House/ Nong Ye Chu Ban She, Beijing, China.

Lorini, Irineu, Francisco Carlos Krzyzanowski, José de Barros França-Neto, Ademir Assis Henning and  Fernando Augusto Henning 2015. Manejo Integrado de Pragas de Grãos e Sementes Armazenadas. (Integrated Management of Grain Pests and Stored Seeds) Embrapa, Brasilia, DF, Brazil 81 p.

Lorini, Irineu; Lincoln Hiroshi Miike and Vildes M. Scussel. 2002. Armazenagem de grãos. (Grain storage) Instituto de Bio Geneziz (IBG), Campinas, SP (Brazil), 983 p.

Maier, Dirk E. 2020. Advances in postharvest management of cereals and grains. Burleigh Dodds series in Agricultural Science Number 88, Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing, Cambridge, UK

Narayanasamy, P., S. Mohan and J.S. Awaknavar. 2009. Pest Management in Store Grains. Proceedings National Symposium entitled Towards pest free grains and seeds in storage, 26-27 March, 2007, Department of Entomology, Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu, India. Satish Serial Publishing House, Delhi, India. 272 p.

Odeyemi O. O. and A. M. Daramola. 2000. Storage practices in the tropics. Vol. 1: Food Storage and Pest Problems. First Edition, Dave Collins Publication, Nigeria 235 p.

Ofuya, T.I. and Lale, N.E.S. 2001. Pests of Stored Cereals and Pulses in Nigeria-biology, ecology and control. Nigeria: Dave Collins Publications. 174 pp.

Osuji, Fabian. 1985. Outlines of stored products entomology for the tropics. Enugu, Nigeria : Fourth Dimension Publishers.

Pachecco, I. A. and D. C. de Paula. 1995. Insetos de graos armazenados – identificacao e biologia. Campinas, Brazil, Fundacao, Cargill, 228 p. (Cited in Cristina, M., Z. DePaula, F. A. Lazzari and S. M. Lazzari. 1999. Insect monitoring outside paddy rice grain storage facilities in southern Brazil. p.532-1533. In 7th IWCSPP).

Perez-Mendoza, Joel. 1993. Insectos de Granos Almacenados: Biologia, Danos, Deteccion y Combate. (Stored Grain Insects: Biology, Damage, Detection and Combating) Centro de Investigacion Regional del Centro Campo Experimental Bajio, Celaya, Gto., Mexico.

Popov, V. I. 1939. Warehouse insect pests in Bulgaria and their control. Sofia. 195 p.

Portchinsky, I. A. 1913. Insects injurious to grain in stores and warehouses. Memoirs of the Bureau of Entomology of the Scientific Committee of the Central Board of Land Administration and Agriculture, St. Petersburg. Review of Applied Entomology A 2: 39-41 (1913)

Prakash, A., J. Rao, I. C. Pasalu and K. C. Mathur. 1987. Rice storage and insect pest management. Delhi : B.R. Pub. Corp., 1987. 337 pages

Prakash, A., J. Rao, D. S. Jayas and J. Allotey. 2003. Insect pests of stored products: a global scenario. Applied Zoologists Research Association (AZRA), Central Rice Research Institute, Cuttack, India.

Pruthi, H. S.: Singh, M. 1950. Pests of stored grain and their control. Indian J. Agric. Sci. 18: 1-88 (3rd Ed.)

Reichmuth, C., M. Scholler, and C. Ulrichs. 2007. Stored product pests in grain: morphology, biology, damage, control. AgroConcept, Bonn, Germany.

Rosentrater, Kurt A. 2022. Storage of Cereal Grains and Their Products. 5th edition, Woodhead Publishing, Elsevier, UK and AACC International Press

Stejskal, Vaclav 1998. Ochkana pred potravinovymi a hygienickymi skudci (Protection against food and hygiene pests) Vysehrad, Prague

Stejskal, Vaclav and Cornel Adler 1997. Fumigace A Rizene Atmosfery (Fumigation and controlled atmosphere). Association of disinfection, disinsection, deratization workers in the Czech Republic, Prague

Süss, Luciano. 1988. Gli infestanti delle derrate conservate e delle industrie alimentari. (The storage pests infestation and food industries) MoEdCo Edizioni, Milano, 304 pp.

Süss, Luciano 1990. Gli intrusi. Manuale di entomologia urbana. (The intruders. Handbook of Urban Entomology) Edagricole, Bologna, Italy. 226 pp.

Süss, Luciano and D.P. Locatelli. 2001. I parassiti delle derrate. Riconoscimento e Gestione delle Infestatazioni nelle Industrie Alimentari. (The pests of food. Recognition and Management infestations for the Food Industry.) Calderini Edagricole, Bologna, Italy 363 pp.

Süss, Luciano. 2004. Gli intrusi. Manuale di entomologia urbana. (The intruders. Handbook of Urban Entomology) L’Informatore Agrario 179 pp.

Trematerra, Pasquale and Luciano Suss. 2007. Prontuario di entomologia merceologica e urbana : con note morfologiche, biologiche e di gestione delle infestazioni. (Handbook of commodity and urban entomology: with notes morphological, biological and management of infestations) Aracne Editrice, Roma, 154 p.

Vukasoviæ P., Stojanoviæ., Šenborn A. (Redakcija) 1972. Štetoèine u skladištima. Biologia i suzbijanie. (Pests in warehouses. Biology and control). Novi Sad. 540 pp.

Wagiman, F. X. 2019. Hama Pascapanen dan Pengelolaannya (Postharvest Pests and Their Management). Gadjah Mada University Press, Yogyakarta

Wang, Dianxuan; Xuguang, Bai; Zhou,Yuxiang and Zhao, Yingile. 2008. Illustrated book of stored grain insects in China. China National Publications Import & Export (Group) Corp. (CNPI)

Yanucci, D. 1989. Control de plagas: post cosecha de granos y semillas. Artes Graficas Mantova, Buenos Aires, Argentina. (Pest management: post harvest grain and seed)

Yanucci, D. A., Lazzari, F., and Cotto, H. 2002. Control Integrado. Insectos, ácaros, hongos y roedores en postcosecha de granos y semillas. (Integrated Control. Insects, mites, fungi and rodents postharvest grain and seed) Granos, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Zacher F. 1927. Die Vorrats-, Speicher- und Materialschädlinge und ihre Bekämpfung. (The supply, storage and material pests and their control. Paul Parey Berlin, 366 pp.

Zakladnoĭ, Gennadiĭ Alekseevich and V. F. Ratanova. 1973. Vrediteli Khlebnykh Zapasov i Mery Borby s Nimi. Kolos Publishers, Moscow (Translated 1986 Stored-grain pests and their control. New Delhi : Published for the United States Dept. of Agriculture and the National Science Foundation, Washington, D.C., by Amerind Publishing Co. Pvt. Ltd., 268 pages)

Zakladnoi, G.A. and V.F. Ratanova. 1987. Vrediteli Khlebnykh Zapasov i Mery Borby s Nimi. (Stored-grain pests and their control) translator, Indira Nair ; general editor, V.S. Kothekar. Rotterdam : A.A. Balkema.

Zhang, S., and Y. Liu. 1998. Zhongguo chu cang wu jia chong (Beetles associated with stored products in China). Zhongguo nong ye ke ji chu ban she/ Z Hongguo Agricultural Science and Technology Press, Beijing Shi.

Zhang, S. 2004. Chu cang wu jia chong jian ding (Identification of beetles associated with stored products). Zhongguo nong ye ke ji chu ban she/Beijing shi: Z Hongguo Agricultural Science and Technology Press, Beijing Shi.

Zhang, S., H. Chen, and G. Xue. 2008. Atlas of beetles associated with stored products (in Chinese). Chinese Agricultural Science and Technology Press/ Zhong guo nong ye ke xue ji shu chu ban she, Beijing


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