Slingerland column in The Rural New-Yorker

Mark Vernon Slingerland in the Entomology Department at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York wrote a column on agricultural and household insects for the Rural New-Yorker between 1892-1905. For a full listing of the topics covered in his 558 columns see Leonard, M. D. and M. V. Slingerland. 1914. Bibliography of the writings of Professor Mark Vernon Slingerland. p. 623-651. Cornell University Agricultural Experiment Station of the College of Agriculture Department of Entomology Bulletin 348. The following 25 columns were on stored-product insects.

Slingerland, M. V. 1893. To kill insects in grain. Rural New-Yorker 52: 493. (Sitotroga cerealella, Ephestia kuehniella and Plodia interpunctella)

Slingerland, M. V. 1893. Benzine for the clothes moth. Rural New-Yorker 52: 509.

Slingerland, M. V. 1894. To keep moths from wool. Rural New-Yorker 53: 101.

Slingerland, M. V. 1894 To prevent buffalo bugs. Rural New-Yorker 53: 383.

Slingerland, M. V. 1894. An insect brought from the World’s Fair. Rural New-Yorker 53: 425. (Sitotroga cerealella)

Slingerland, M. V. 1894. Insects that destroy woolen cloth. Rural New-Yorker 53: 600-601. (Tineola biselliella, Tinea pellionella, Tinea tapetzella)

Slingerland, M. V. 1895. Insects in stored wool. Rural New-Yorker 54: 345.

Slingerland, M. V. 1896. Weevil eaten wheat as food. Rural New-Yorker 55: 704.

Slingerland, M. V. 1896. The carpet beetles. Rural New Yorker 55: 582-583.

Slingerland, M. V. 1897. Insects in cow peas; melon disease. Rural New-Yorker 56: 405. (Callosobruchus chinensis)

Slingerland, M. V. 1898. The powder-post and its work. Rural New-Yorker 57: 240. (Lyctus unipunctatus)

Slingerland, M. V. 1898. Gasoline and clothes moths. Rural New-Yorker 57: 630

Slingerland, M. V. 1898. Insects in stored grain. Rural New-Yorker 57: 705.

Slingerland, M. V. 1898. The grain moth in wheat. Rural New-Yorker 57: 817. (Sitotroga cerealella)

Slingerland, M. V. 1900. An insect that knows beans. Rural New-Yorker 59: 35. (Acanthoscelides obtectus)

Slingerland, M. V. 1900. Life of the bean weevil. Rural New-Yorker 59: 106.

Slingerland, M. V. 1901. Naphtha for grain insects. Rural New-Yorker 60: 821.

Slingerland, M. V. 1902. Saving timber from powder-post beetle. Rural New-Yorker 61: 145.

Slingerland, M. V. 1902. The powder-post beetle. Rural New-Yorker 61: 104.

Slingerland, M. V. 1902. Cure for powder-post beetles. Rural New-Yorker 61: 227.

Slingerland, M. V. 1902. Insects in rope; kinking. Rural New-Yorker 61: 228.

Slingerland, M. V. 1904. Fighting the buffalo carpet-beetle. Rural New-Yorker 63: 262.

Slingerland, M. V. 1904. Insects working in pop corn. Rural New-Yorker 63: 262. (Sitotroga cerealella)

Slingerland, M. V. 1907. Powder-post beetles. Rural New-Yorker 66: 4.

Slingerland, M. V. 1909. Angoumois grain moth. Rural New-Yorker 68: 6.


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